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The Birds of Texas / Visit our Website!
The Birds of Texas
New! Bird of the Month
Birding in the Rio Grande Valley
Rising Popularity of Birding
Importance of Avian Conservation
Jays in Texas
--American Coot
--American Goldfinch
--American Robin
--American Wigeon
--Attwater's Prairie Chicken
--Barn Owl
--Black Skimmer
--Blue Jay
--Blue-winged Teal
--Brown-headed Cowbird
--Carolina Chickadee
--Canada Goose
--Common Raven
--Eastern Bluebird
--Eastern Screech Owl
--Great Blue Heron
--Greater Roadrunner
--Green Jay
--Mourning Dove
--Northern Bobwhite
--Northern Cardinal
--Northern Mockingbird
--Red-tailed Hawk
--Ring-necked Pheasant
--Sandhill Crane
--Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
--Snow Goose
--Turkey Vulture
--Wild Turkey
--White-winged Dove
--Wood Duck

Bird Species
Altamira Oriole / Valley Specialty
Oriole Habitat / Need to Preserve

Attwater's Prairie Chicken
Rarest Bird in Texas, Part I
Rarest Bird in Texas, Part II
--Captive Breeding Prgm.
--Adopt-A-Prairie Chicken Program
--More on Captive Breeding Programs
--Spring '97 Status Update
--Loss of Habitat
--Best Hope for Survival
--Status Fall '97
--More on Adopt-A-Prairie Chicken Program
--Habitat Loss '96

Bald Eagle Annual Mid-Winter Survey '97
Annual Mid-Winter Survey '98
Decline and Recovery
How to Identify Eagles in the Wild
Eagle Recovery / '98 Mid-Winter Survey
Mid-Winter Survey Results '99

Black-capped Vireo
Black-capped Vireos and Cowbirds
Restoring Vireo Habitat
Black-capped Vireos on the Rise
Managing Habitat to Benefit Vireos and Wildlife

Black Skimmer Colony
Black Skimmer Open House '01
Eastern Bluebirds Status in Texas
Bluebird Nest Box Construction
Bobwhite Quail / Impacts on Population
Quail Numbers Linked to Water
Quail Populations / Research on Decline of
Quail Populations / Land Use Impacts on
Brown Pelican
Burrowing Owls
Monitoring Burrowing Owls

Chimney Swifts
Creating Habitat for Swifts
Eastern Wild Turkey Restoration Program
Eastern Wild Turkey / America's Bird
See "Wild Turkey" below.
Elf Owls / Research On
Elf Owls / Artificial Nest Boxes

Finches / Winter Visitors
Finches / Banding Birds
Great Blue Heron and Sandhill Crane
Hawk Migration
Hawk Watch at Smith Point
Lesser Prairie Chicken

Migratory Waterfowl and Playa Lakes
More on Migratory Waterfowl and Playa Lakes
Migratory Birds in Texas Panhandle

Peregrine Falcons on the Decline
Peregrine Falcon / Update on Status
Piping Plover / An Endangered Shorebird
Piping Plover / Efforts to Save
Prairie Birds in Decline
Project Prairie Birds

Roadrunner Diet
Sandhill Cranes
Sandhill Crane Migration
Sandhill Cranes / Tracking
Sandhill Cranes / More on Tracking
Swallow-tailed Kite

Snow Goose Population on the Rise
Snow Geese Impact on Arctic Habitat
A Solution to Snow Geese Crisis
Hunters Help Reduce Snow Goose Population
More on Rising Snow Goose Population

Tips to Help Protect Coastal Birds

Wild Turkey in Texas
Rio Grande Turkey Restoration
Thanksgiving / How Turkey Got Its Name
White-winged Doves on Rise in Urban Areas
Habitat Restoration in South Texas
White-winged Doves Continue to Expand
White-winged Dove Survey
White-winged Dove Surveys '00
Volunteers Needed for Dove Surveys

Whooping Cranes at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge
More on Whooping Cranes at the Refuge
Whooping Crane Status '99
Preserving Whooping Cranes
Aircraft Teach Whoopers to Migrate
Whooping Crane Status Fall '99
Whooper Habitat / Need to Protect
Whooping Crane Conservation
Whoopers Boost Nature Tourism

Q&A: Do Vultures Migrate?
Wood Duck Restoration
Wood Duck Nest Boxes
Wood Duck Populations on the Rise
Wood Duck Nest Boxes / Protection
Wood Ducks at Wildlife Management Area

Facts About Woodpeckers
Woodpeckers / A Close-up Look
Controlling Nuisance Woodpeckers
Red-cockaded Woodpecker

Rising Popularity of Birding
Why Texas is a Hot Spot for Birders
Birding Texas / Publication
Checklist of Texas Birds Newest 2000 Edition
History of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count
Mad Island Marsh Christmas Bird Count
Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park
Gus Engeling WMA
Hawk Watch at Smith Point
Lost Maples
Martin Dies, Jr. State Park
Richland Creek WMA

Bird Conservation Organizations
Partners in Flight, Part I
Partners in Flight, Part II

Last Chance Forever - Birds of Prey Conservancy
Wings and Wildlife Over Texas

Backyard Birding
Birds / Q&A: Audio Tapes
Birding Texas / Publication
Tips on Winter Bird Feeders

Click here for nest box plans for bluebirds.

Nest Boxes for Birds
Constructing Nest Boxes for Birds
More Tips on Backyard Bird Houses
Bluebird Nest Box Construction
Bird House Day 2000
Squirrels at Your Bird Feeder
Water for Wildlife

Hummingbird Feeders in Winter
More on Winter Hummingbird Feeders
Hummingbird Feeders
Hummingbird Round-up '99
More on '99 Round-up
Hummingbird Round Up '98
Mockingbirds / Q&A: How to Attract

Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail
Texas Coastal Birding Trail Spring 2000
Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail / Fall Tour 2000
More than Just a Birding Trail

Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail / Fall '98 Highlights
More Fall '98 Birding Trail Highlights
Highlights of New Trail
Central Section Map
Upper Section Map
Reasons for Development
Impact on Communities
Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail Completed
Benefits of Coastal Birding Trail

New Nature Tourism Trail
--More on Nature Tourism Trail

The World Birding Center
World Birding Center
More on World Birding Center

The Great Texas Birding Classic
2001 Birding Classic Highlights
2001 Spring Migration Calendar
2001 Birding Classic Winner Highlights
Second-Basic Wildbirders Win Classic

2000 Great Texas Birding Classic
2000 Roughwings Competition
'99 Roughwings Competition Winners
2000 Birding Classic Migration Calendar
2000 Birding Classic Kick-Off
2000 Birding Classic Winner Highlights
The Canadians Win Birding Classic
Birding Classic Benefits Conservation

'99 Great Texas Birding Classic
'99 Rough Wing Competition
'99 Spring Migration Calendar
'99 Birding Classic Begins
'99 Birding Classic Highlights
WildBirders Win '99 Birding Classic
Birding Classic Benefits Birds
Falcons Win Rough Wing Competition
More Rough Wing Highlights

'98 Great Texas Birding Classic
'98 Rough Wing Birding Competition
'98 Great Texas Birding Classic Begins!
Tracking the '98 Birding Classic
'98 Great Texas Birding Classic Results
Wild Birders Win '98 Birding Classic

Highlights '97 Birding Classic
More '97 Highlights
Birding Events During '97 Classic
Birding Classic '97 Results

Birding Festivals
'98 Spring Migration Calendar
Migration Celebration / '97 Highlights
Rio Grande Valley Birding '98 Festival
Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival / '97 Highlights

Birding Tours
Birding Tours in the Parks
Martin Dies Jr./Birding Boat Tour
State Park Birding Highlights / Sep 00
Birding Tours in Texas State Parks '00
Birding Tours at Texas State Parks '98
Birding at Las Palomas WMA
Bentson-Rio Grande Valley State Park / Birding Bus Tours '96
Black Skimmer Open House
Fairfield Lake / Eagle Tours '98
Whooping Crane Tours at Matagorda Island

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